Quick Start Manual

Are you ready? Let's get started!

Setup your database in the cloud:

  1. Visit https://recipego.net/register to go to the registration page and complete the registration process. One important item you need to enter is your sub-domain, write down your full sub-domain name you chose because you will be using it for the following steps. Suppose you will be entering "johnsburger", "johnsburger.recipego.net" will be your full sub-domain name and will we be used this as example for the following steps. Remember to replace it with your own sub-domain name wherever it applies.
  2. We will review your information and approve/setup your account. You will get a notification email with two pairs of username and password once your account is ready, one pair is for database administration, the other is for mobile app.
  3. Use your browser to navigate this page "https://johnsburger.recipego.net/admin", enter username and the password you received to login, you can change your logo, manage your categories, recipes/menu items and setup your database. 

Setup app on your device:

  1. If you are on Clover device, please search "recipego" on the device and install the app, our app icon looks like this:   
  2. The first time the app runs, you will be taken to a "Initialization" screen,  enter the full sub-domain name chosen in step #1 and click save. It should be "https://johnsburger.recipego.net" in this example.

  3. You will be taken to login screen.  Enter Mobile username and password received in step #2 of previous section.
  4. If everything works fine, you should be logged into the app and see this screen.

  5. Click the sync button in the top right corner and wait until it is done, you should see this screen if everything goes right, if you are a user of version 4 and older, you should be able to see your old recipes.

  6. You are ready to enjoy RecipeGo!

Should you have any questions, feel free to let us help you.