Q: I am an existing user of old RecipeGo app, can I keep the old data?

A: Yes you can, just update the app from app store on clover device, click sync button, you old data will be converted and saved into new cloud database.

Q: Do I have to login manually every time I start the app?

A: No, you just need to enter username and password for the very first time and the device will you remember them and log you in automatically in future

Q: I am not using Clover device, can I print recipe or food label?

A: Sorry, it is not supported yet, we are working hard on it.

Q: Can I use recipeGo on iPhone/iPad?

A: Sorry, it does not now, iOS version will be available soon!

Q: I am running more than one restaurants, do I have to register an account for each of them?

A: No, You just need one account to manage all of them.

Q: I have couple of devices(smart phones/Tablets), do I have to create different users for each of them?

A: No, you don't. All devices can share one user and you certainly can use different user on different users.

Q: Can I update recipes/menu items from mobile devices?

A: No, we think it is the best practice to update everything from a laptop or desktop.